A gay man says he was brutally attacked and left unconscious outside a gay club in the North End of Boston on Thanksgiving night, but the story he told on his GoFundMe page is inconsistent with what he initially reported to police.

According to Michael Fontana, a Boston drag performer, he was attacked outside the Alley Bar following an incident where one of the three men he accused of the attack unplugged the jukebox at the bar while he was playing it. Fontana wrote on his fundraising page that the three men were asked to leave, but that wasn’t the last time he would encounter the men.

He wrote that the men waited for him outside the Ally, assaulted him verbally as they surrounded him and then beat him until he was unconscious.

“They slashed my throat, broke my shoulder and crushed my phone,” Fontana wrote.

Although Boston police confirmed responding to the incident when they received a call at 2:30 a.m., details of attack was very different than what Fontana reported. According Stephen McNulty of the Boston Police Department in an email to The Advocate, officers found Fontana to be “very intoxicated” with a “minor laceration” to his neck.

McNulty also wrote that Fontana claimed to only have been attacked by one of the men and did not recall a “detailed description of the suspect or what exactly caused the argument with the suspect to occur.” He also didn’t report the incident as a hate crime.

The issue with Fontana’s claim is that he is raising money through his GoFundMe account to cover medical bills. Not only does he claim an inability to perform daily activities, he also says a doctor in the emergency room told him that “I’d be dead” if the attacker had cut his throat just one more centimeter.

Due to HIPPA guidelines, the hospital was unable to release any information to The Advocate to confirm or deny the claims. Whether the severity of the attack is true or not, Fontana has so far raised $2,600 from contributors since Sunday.